Ah, Instagram. My happy place. We all know Instagram is a fantastic platform for sharing visual content and engaging with our target audience. It is a fantastic tool for small businesses who want to increase brand awareness and interact with their most likely customer base. So, let’s say that your brand has a great Instagram profile, a distinct IG Bio describing your business, and you are sharing a constant stream of high-quality content via your Posts and Stories. Sounds like your brand has conquered the ‘Gram, right? Wrong. Instagram Live is your next project.

There are always a few underutilized tools within most social media platforms, but I would be willing to bet that Instagram Live is perhaps the MOST underutilized tool for small brands and businesses. Last year, Instagram updated Instagram Live to be even more robust and useful; Instagram Live now allows you to invite a friend to join your Live Broadcast, and displays that second user in split-screen format, just like most webinar platforms. This allows you to create webinar-style content right within the Instagram platform and reach all of your existing followers with just a few clicks.

So, why is this a helpful tool for businesses on Instagram? Well, first and foremost, anyone who has looked into creating a webinar for their brand knows the cost associated with recording, hosting, sharing, and saving that webinar. Few platforms offer any free or free-mium pricing plans for webinars; the few that do are extremely limited in scope. As a substitute, your business can use Instagram Live to create a webinar-style experience, broadcast that content to people who are already interested in your brand and follow you, and co-host your broadcast with another user within the platform. Oh, and it’s free.

By adding another user to your Instagram Live broadcast, you are amplifying your existing reach and can gain exposure to their followers as well as your existing followers. This is incredibly valuable for smaller businesses looking to grow brand awareness and followers. Not to mention: it’s totally free, totally easy, and lives within the Instagram app that we already know, use, and love.

Want to go pro with this hack? Make sure to save your Instagram Live broadcast at the end, and then share that broadcast on your IGTV channel and as an IGTV preview on your posts and stories. This content will remain on your Profile until you remove it, right next to your highlights. New and existing followers can access that content on demand right from your Profile, and share it with others as they would a story or post. This amplifies the reach of your content and increases user engagement. Pretty cool, huh?

Still feel like a rookie when it comes to your Business Instagram Profile? Check out my last post about optimizing your Instagram Bio to learn everything you need to know about creating a recognizable and actionable bio on Instagram.

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