Canva is my go-to, everyday, ride-or-die graphic design virtual assistant. I can create visuals for my blog, social media posts, and newsletters to the exact dimensions best suited for each platform or use-case. Canva stores all of your creations within the platform and is cloud-based, so you can access templates remotely and create impactful, professional visuals on the go. I have even used Canva to create cover art for an E-Book– it’s that professional and that good.

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This is a big one. I would suggest HubSpot’s free resources to my grandmother, that’s how much I trust these marketing wizards. The absolute best tip I ever got was to take their FREE professional marketing certification course. Similar in style, pace, and difficulty to an online university course, HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Certification Track is a must for any aspiring content creator. Upon completion, you will have a firm grasp on content marketing from start to finish, including practical advice and resources to create, maintain, and promote your blog or website.

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Mailchimp is self-described as a marketing system for small business. Best explained as an a tool to automate, manage, and track your email and content marketing efforts, I like to use Mailchimp to create and deploy emails to existing blog subscribers, track my click through rates on those emails, and segment my subscriber lists as needed. I also have used it to create simple and effective landing pages which automatically collect and add new email addresses to my subscriber list.

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I recently discovered Trello via a fantastic article singing its praises and describing optimal use cases. Trello is a simple and effective project management tool. Best described as a system of boards, lists, and cards, this platform works best for me as a digital whiteboard filled in with post-it notes. There are many features that I don’t ever use (checklists, calendar), but there is a lot of existing guidance on use cases for Trello that may benefit your brand or business. Most often, I use Trello to track my outstanding “To-Do” tasks, tasks in progress, and completed tasks.

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